Elderly Mario, Lara Croft and Robotnik will make you feel as old as they are


The illustrations show what Mario, Lara Croft, and Robotnik would look like today if they got older, and you’ll feel just as old, if not older.

Video game characters, no matter how fictional they are, have the luxury of never getting old, as long as their franchises live on. Classics such as Nintendo’s Mario, Grave robberby Lara Croft and Sonic the hedgehog‘s Dr. Robotnik remains as young as ever with each new release.

3D illustrations were created showing what these characters, and others, would look like if they were as old as their franchises. The illustrations were created with the help of Professor Carol Holland, Professor of Aging Research at Lancaster University. Holland took into account each character’s apparent lifestyle, as suggested by their respective video games, in order to come up with as accurate an estimate as possible.

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Mario was said to be 25 when he made his debut in 1981, which means he would be 65 this year. His brother Luigi was about two years younger than him. Illustrations of both show what they would look like after a life of rigorous exercise. The iconic characters would probably have aged well, although, according to Holland, they could tire more easily. It was also assumed that they would have had a healthy Mediterranean diet – a point based solely on the characters being Italian – which would also, apparently, help them age well.

Dr Robotnik Eggman first appeared in 1991 in Sonic the hedgehog, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The villainous character was 50 when he was introduced, which means he would be 80 this year. Being involved in countless battles over the years would have taken its toll on the Doctor, and it was thought it would show. Despite his engagement in combat, Eggman more or less always remained seated and this would have resulted in loss of mobility and muscle mass.

Next, Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. The iconic character was 36 when he was introduced to the 2004 video game, which would make 53 in 2021. The artwork shows that the character would start to turn gray and injuries sustained during his lifetime would have started to really affect him. .

Finally, the work explores Lara Croft, who first appeared in 1996 Grave robber. The artwork depicts the often reckless archaeologist as a 46-year-old man. Due to her adventurous lifestyle, it is believed that Lara would always be in great shape and have her famous hourglass figure. Her defined facial features may have been smoothed out and she may also have gray hair.

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