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PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Transport and Public Transport Directorate decided to allow cars of model year 2000 and older to acquire taxi permits in order to increase their income and make life easier for the general public .

In addition, the management also decided to remove the condition of maximum vehicle lifespan of 25 years and to subject the vehicles to a certificate of fitness in case of category C courses. To this end, it published on Monday two separate notifications.

An official document cited a departmental investigation indicating that hundreds of illegal taxis and other commercial vehicles over 25 years old were driving on the roads without obtaining traffic permits from the transport authorities.

He said that previously driving permits were only allowed for taxis up to five years old, causing inconvenience for carriers in addition to loss of revenue for the government.

The document said that although old vehicles were regularly fined, their presence resulted in unsafe conditions on the roads. He said that operating these vehicles on roads without mandatory legal documents caused a huge loss of revenue for the treasury.

As such, the department has decided to allow the issuance of traffic permits to these vehicles subject to their mechanical and roadworthiness, he said.

According to the document, many private vehicles were used for commercial purposes without obtaining road permits and without completing paperwork, and it has now been decided to bring these vehicles within the scope of the transport department. by issuing them road permits.

He said the ministry had made the acquisition of a vehicle fitness certificate mandatory for all commercial vehicles every six months, instead of once a year.

The document says the department reduced the duration of the basic driving course and the special driving course to four weeks from the previous six weeks.

He said most applicants could not manage a long course and those who had a driving course certificate from the government driving school would be exempt from the driving test for a license. driver’s license.

He said management had also streamlined the hierarchy of motor vehicle examiners and notified their official job descriptions. In addition, a dedicated transport law enforcement unit would also be established in accordance with the long-term plan.

Transport Director, KP, Fahd Ikram Qazi said his department was responsible for regulating all transportation in the province in addition to collecting revenue.

He said they were trying to make structural reforms that would expand the department’s regulatory reach and increase provincial government revenues.

He said the department was focusing on introducing IT solutions for driver’s licenses and all types of licenses to facilitate the general public and ensure transparency.

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