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Jaipur: The transport department has decided to look into the process of verifying the drivers who are recruited by the online taxi services. The move comes after ministry officials received informal complaints about driver misconduct. Taxi services were asked to provide details of the process followed to check the background of taxi drivers within three days. This was initiated by the senior officials of Jaipur RTO.
Rakesh Sharma, RTO, Jaipur, said: “A meeting took place with representatives from Uber after we received a few complaints that the drivers behaved badly with the passengers. These taxi services have an online system where most of the time customers do not give an explicit reason for a low rating to a driver due to the apprehension of being identified. Even taxi companies mainly take vehicle registration details and driver’s license information. We want to avoid any major incidents and for that reason I asked Uber for information on how they are doing driver background checks in three days. ”
Officials said the majority of misconduct victims did not file any formal complaints. But, keeping in mind the safety of passengers, especially women and children, they will also address the issue with other online taxi services. “Although companies take the commission per trip, you have to make sure that passengers are safe at all times. Licenses for drivers are issued by the RTOs and the necessary action can be taken in the event of a misdemeanor. After Uber, we’ll also ask Ola for similar details about the background check process, ”Sharma added. tnn


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