0-1 Series Taxis Must Install Digital Meters By Oct 31 | Goa News



Panaji: Taxi operators whose vehicles are registered in the 0-1 series will have one last chance to install digital meters by the end of next month or risk being canceled.
The Transportation Authority issued a public notice on Friday, warning taxi operators that the Goa government will revoke permits for all taxis that do not install digital meters by October 31.
The permits of 1,849 taxis with registration numbers ending in 0 or 1 have already been canceled for failure to install digital meters within the time limit. The department, however, received a commitment from 650 taxis indicating that they were ready to install the meters.
“For all license holders whose vehicle registration numbers end in 0 or 1 and whose licenses have been canceled are offered a final opportunity to install the digital meter no later than October 31 and address to the department for revocation of their cancellation orders. Cancellation orders will remain valid until permit holders come to the department with proof of installation and permit holders are not allowed to operate until cancellation orders are issued. revoked ”, indicates the notice.
It further states that licensees with vehicle registration numbers ending in 2,3,4,5 will have until October 5 to install the digital meter. License holders with vehicle registration numbers ending in 6,7,8,9 have been ordered to respect the schedule of ongoing improvements to avoid the cancellation of their licenses.
The notice says the goal is to ensure that all taxis operating in the state install meters in accordance with the mandated rule. Therefore, all passenger taxis covered by a tourist vehicle permit, taxis with all Goa permits, yellow black stand permits, etc., must comply with these guidelines, under penalty of license suspension without notice. .
The suspension will only be revoked after delivery to the Ministry of the proof of installation of the digital meters.


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