Angry taxi driver fined for racing bus in Bangkok

An emotionally charged taxi driver appeared to lose her mind and forget her responsibilities as she transformed into a thrill seeker while playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a bus.

A video of three university students in the back of the crazy taxi driver’s car was posted last Friday, August 19, and has gone viral on Thailand’s TikTok platform.

The video shows three petrified students sitting in the back as the taxi driver ran against the coach, honking his horn repeatedly angrily along Phahonyothin Road in Pathum Thani province near Bangkok. The caption of the video said…

“Have you forgotten that you are a passenger service? An impetuous taxi driver. The license plate number is ทห629. We took it in front of Bangkok University. Please try to avoid this car as the driver behavior is inappropriate. She shouldn’t be a public transport driver. She couldn’t control her emotions and didn’t care about the passengers.

In the video, a student said to the driver: “Sister, calm down, don’t forget that we are in your back seat. See the video here.

The three students told the media that they took a taxi from Bangkok University in the Khlong Luang area of ​​Pathum Thani to the Future Park Rangsit shopping center last Friday evening.

The students explained that the driver began to drive dangerously, running with the bus suddenly after getting into the car. The woman cut in front of the bus and the bus driver returned the compliment, which angered the taxi driver.

They asked the driver to pull over and drop them off immediately, but the driver ignored their request and continued on. So the students recorded a video as evidence.

They finally arrived safely at their destination and decided to post the video on TikTok and report it to the Department of Ground Transportation.

Yesterday the Ministry of Land Transport said it had already investigated the incident and found the driver to be 27-year-old Suphattra Yuenra.

The department explained that its actions violated Thailand’s Vehicle Act, Section 5 (15/1): a regulation for job and passenger safety in public transport. The department also added that the woman did not have a license to drive public transportation.

As a result of the violation, the taxi driver would be subject to a penalty in accordance with the Penalty Provisions, Section 58/1: any public transport driver who violates or fails to comply with the requirement prescribed in the published Ministerial Regulation under Section 5 (15/1) will be liable to a fine of up to 5,000 Baht.

As a result, the driver was fined 1,000 baht and asked to complete a three-hour training program to drive mindfully. Further charges could be issued later as she did not have a public transport license.

THE SOURCE: Khaosod | Channel 7

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