Bad condition taxis targeted in joint road safety operation



Maintained MAL taxis were pulled off the road by police as part of a joint security operation – including vehicles from York.

Fourteen of the 16 vehicles of taxis and VTC inspected received legal notices. The drivers also saw their taxi licenses suspended.

The faults included tires so worn that the interior cords were exposed, fuel leaks and doors that would not open.

The faults were so dangerous that seven of the 16 vehicles were issued immediate prohibition notices, meaning they should not be driven.

Traffic Officer Mark Patterson of the North Yorkshire Police Roads Group said: ‘It is shocking that seven of the 16 vehicles we checked were so poorly maintained that we had to use powers. immediate bans to make sure they don’t get back on the road.

“Good vehicle maintenance is always important, especially for professional drivers who the public trust to transport them safely. There is simply no excuse for neglecting this. ”

Problems with the brakes, lug nuts and exhaust suspension components were also detected on seven other vehicles during vehicle inspections in York over the weekend. They were issued with delayed prohibition notices, meaning that the faults need to be repaired and the vehicle re-inspected.

The vehicles came from various local communities, including York and West Yorkshire.

They were stopped by police on York roads and taken to a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) inspection site.

This was part of a joint road safety operation involving the North Yorkshire Police Roads Group, the DVSA and licensing officers from York City Council and West Local Authorities Yorkshire.

“By working with the DVSA and local authorities, we can ensure that anyone who does not maintain their vehicle to the correct standards is detected and treated robustly,” added Mr. Patterson.

Similar operations are planned for the near future.


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