Bangalore: Department of transport could allow quadricycles to offer metered taxi services from January


The Karnataka Department of Transportation plans to allow metered quadricycle taxis to operate in Bangalore by the end of January 2022, sources said. So far, residents of Bengaluru can only book quadricycles through app-based taxi aggregators.

“The Bengaluru does not have metered taxis or quadricycle service. Therefore, the transport department has proposed to the government to allow metered quadricycle taxis in the city, ”said a senior transport official.

“These quadricycles can be used to provide last mile connectivity to metro users. Since last year, we have received several requests for authorization to use quadricycles as metered taxis. We have also had a few meetings with officials on this matter. We will invite public suggestions soon and hope to start quadricycle services by the end of January, ”an official said.

Sources from the Department of Transportation said about 600 quadricycle vehicles are already circulating in the city.

Speaking to, Tanveer Pasha, President of Ola, Taxi for Sure and Uber Owners and Drivers’ Association, said, “The quadricycle is one of the best taxis Bengaluru can adopt. All quadricycles are CNG vehicles, so they will reduce air pollution.

“We have asked the government to allow the installation of meters in taxis because app-based taxi aggregators charge huge commissions to drivers. It is best for passengers and taxi drivers to have metered taxis in the city. Allowing quadricycles to operate like metered taxis is a good start, ”Pasha added.

In particular, in 2019, Uber had created a new category called “UberXS” on its application, which allowed users to book trips in quadricycles.

Bengaluru Urban District Commissioner J Manjunath, who is also the chairman of the Road Transport Authority, confirmed that the transport department has received several requests to start metered taxi services in the city. “Once we have set an appropriate price list for metered taxis, we can allow quadricycles to offer taxi services in the city,” he added.


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