Bountiful Cow and Motel win media and creative accounts for Busuu language platform

Language-learning platform Busuu named Bountiful Cow and Motel respectively as media and creative agencies, following a tender.

The appointment follows a period of success for the platform as its users grew rapidly through lockdown to reach 120 million globally. The two agencies presented themselves separately and will help Busuu in this global growth.

The value of the language learning market is expected to reach approximately $115 billion over the next five years. Busuu, which was founded in 2008, was acquired by US student media platform Chegg late last year in a deal worth $436m (£318m). sterling). It has offices in London and Spain.

Rachael Pollard, Chief Marketing Officer at Busuu, said: “Our platform has been proven to offer the best way to learn a language, combining the ability to learn and then practice with expert tutors and our community of native speakers. “

She added, “I am thrilled to be working with Motel and Bountiful Cow to increase awareness of the Busuu brand and ensure our product is in the hands of those it can truly help.”

Chetan Murthy, Head of Strategy at Bountiful Cow, said, “We are delighted that Busuu has chosen Bountiful Cow to help drive the next phase of their business. Our values, culture and ambitions are fully aligned and we can’t wait to get started.

Lee Tan, founder of Motel, added: “’We like what Busuu offers. It’s a business we can learn from and grow with. I’m even learning Spanish to help me talk to my in-laws. Here are three good reasons to be delighted with this new partnership.

Bountiful Cow customers include Virgin Red and Branston, while Motel has worked with brands such as Coke Zero and Klarna.

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