Cargills Sarubima invests Rs. 25m on schools for farmers’ children

The Cargills ‘Sarubima’ fund has invested Rs. 25 million to present 774 scholarships to children of farmers who have excelled academically this year. The event took place in Meerigama on Thursday.

The winners include 194 5th year students, 375 advanced level students, 158 university students and 47 vocational training students.

More than 2,500 scholarships have been awarded to children of farmers since the fund’s inception and more than 100 community projects have been completed, including water purification projects, school libraries and the upgrading of sanitation facilities in the rural schools.

Thirty-two community development projects have also been planned, including health and eye camps for farmers, as well as desperately needed water and sanitation projects in some rural schools and hospitals.

The “Sarubima” fund was extended to all Cargills vegetable, fruit and milk collection centers in 2014, benefiting more than 20,000 farmers and dairy farmers nationwide. With the launch of the Agriculture Modernization Project in 2018, Cargills “Sarubima” has taken a step towards the development of national agriculture. This project serves as a model for the sustainable, profitable and environmentally friendly production of a variety of GAP-certified fresh produce.

“Sarubima” reflects the company’s commitment to empowering rural agribusiness and dairy farmers.

Cargills has been able to help thousands of farmers across the country through its extensive network of outgrowers and its continued investment in developing sustainable markets.

The company’s agricultural value chain has also established itself as one of the most successful in the country by investing in collection centers, which allow direct collection from farmers, and the introduction of refrigerated trucks and logistics. improved. Some of his most notable achievements include reducing post-harvest fruit and vegetable losses and removing middlemen from the supply chain, resulting in lower prices for consumers while ensuring higher prices for farmers. .

Cargills has improved the productivity, quality and sustainability of farmers’ production, improving rural livelihoods and transforming traditional farmers into agro-entrepreneurs.

The company established the “Sarubima” Farmer Welfare Fund in Thanamalwila in 2008 by donating 50 cents for every kilogram of produce purchased from farmers to start a scholarship program for children of farmers who excel in the 5th year, at the ordinary level and at the university entrance examinations. . This contribution is still ongoing.

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