Chelsea player doesn’t ‘think’ about winning Ballon d’Or



Chelsea player Jorginho has been one of the pillars of his team.

Jorginho had a fantastic season for Chelsea as they finished in the top four in the league and won the Champions League title. The Italian has scored 8 goals for them in a successful season and played 41 times last season. He also started the 4 matches that Italy has played so far in Euros.

Italy became group champions and knocked out a strong Austrian side to advance to the quarter-finals. And Jorginho’s Italian teammate Lorenzo Insigne has recently praised him and said the player can certainly be a Ballon d’Or contender.

“It’s not me who decides if he deserves the Ballon d’Or but I hope he will be preselected. He deserves it because he’s a great player. I call him “the teacher” and we are all happy to play with him “, Badge said recently.

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Jorginho was asked about his personal ambitions and the player dismissed his personal thoughts. A successful campaign with Italy can certainly make him a candidate, but Jorginho wants team glory rather than personal praise.

” I do not think about it. Everything that happens is the result of hard work ”, Jorginho said ahead of their clash with Belgium when asked about the Ballon d’Or.

“My priority is the group and the party with my teammates and friends. It’s more beautiful than celebrating alone. he added.

The Italians will face the world’s number one team in the quarter-finals. Belgium have been faultless in the tournament so far and it will be a difficult task for them. But Jorginho says they may surprise a few people.

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“We are aware that there is no room for mistakes,” he added. “It would be wrong to think that we have already achieved something important. We have to work more and more. We are on the right track, but now we need to bite the bullet and keep going. We must respect the first team in the standings but we also know that everyone has their weak points, “ he said further.

Although he hasn’t scored any goals in the series, the player can certainly be in contention for the prize if Italy wins the Euro. We saw Luka Modric win the prize after a meteoric season with Real Madrid and then Croatia in 2018. Does the 29-year-old Chelsea midfielder belong to the same category? We can’t say it now, but who knows what will happen in a week.


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