ComfortDelGro to Raise Flagdown Taxi Fare by $0.20 to Maintain Drivers’ Livelihoods

ComfortDelGro Announces Taxi Fare Increases August 2

Although public transport remains the most economical travel option for most, some of us may prefer to hail a taxi or private hire vehicle to save time.

Shooting down a ComfortDelGro taxi will be slightly more expensive next month.

On Tuesday (February 8), the company announced price increases for downtime rates, distance rates and wait times.

It is their first price adjustment in a decade, which is needed to help taxi drivers cope with rising operating costs and inflation.

ComfortDelGro’s taxi fare hike is the first in 10 years

In one press release Tuesday (February 8)CDG has announced a series of price increases that will take place from 6 a.m. on March 1:

  • Flagdown fares: $0.20 increase for all taxis
  • Fares based on distance: increase of $0.02 for normal taxis; $0.03 increase for limousines
  • Waiting time (per 45 seconds): $0.02 surcharge for regular taxis; $0.03 increase for limousines

CDG estimates that the price increases will result in an increase of around 7.7% in fares for a regular 10 km taxi ride during off-peak hours.

According to CDG, this is the first price change in 10 years, since December 2011.

Taxi operating costs are rising due to inflation and fuel prices

Justifying the fare increase, CDG says taxi drivers have faced higher operating costs due to rising fuel prices and inflation.

Over the past 6 months, fuel prices have reportedly increased by around 10% on average.

In contrast, inflation has increased by nearly 12% over the past decade.

CDG taxi drivers have seen their income drop throughout the pandemic, despite the aid granted by the government and CDG.

Therefore, the price change is deemed necessary to help taxi drivers retain their rice bowls.

Support our taxi drivers

In a healthy economy, it is natural for prices to rise gradually over time.

However, events like the Covid-19 pandemic disproportionately affect taxi drivers. As a result, this makes tariff hikes essential for them to earn a decent living.

While the price change is likely to be unpopular, we hope members of the public can approach it with empathy and put themselves in the shoes of our taxi drivers.

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