Comprehensive training for all facets of aviation

FlightSafety International’s name and reputation in the field of aviation training has been built over seven decades. The value that aviation professionals find in our training is in the extensive number and range of services, equipment and locations available.

Whatever area one needs, they will find a complete and individualized teaching solution. FlightSafety’s expert instructors deliver the highest quality training to pilots and maintainers as well as dispatchers and planners, flight attendants and passengers. Across every course and classroom, FlightSafety students receive a consistent and thorough approach to their training needs, preparing them not only for regulatory requirements, but to handle everything within their aviation responsibilities.

Initial, recurrent, advanced, special or emergency operations training – these are all part of a large number of options offered. Students can take advantage of our global network of learning centers and easily access the best education in the world. For optimal flexibility and accessibility, many courses are also offered in eLearning and LiveLearning training.

Steadfast Pilot Training

Pilot training is where most people know the name FlightSafety best. Pilots come to FlightSafety from a wide range of operations, including corporate flight service, owner-operator and on-demand charter companies. In all cases, they will benefit from personalized training provided by experienced instructors, dedicated to their success.

We train pilots to stay sharp, polish and always be ready. This gives them the unwavering calm and composure necessary for any situation, from the everyday to the unusual. Pilots who train with FlightSafety earn their reward, making them the most elite pilots in the sky. The training goes beyond the fundamentals – which are never ignored – by digging deeper to provide the confidence to handle any scenario in the cockpit.

FlightSafety offers a range of pilot training courses for a large number of business aircraft manufacturers, including jets, turboprops and rotorcraft, covering the most popular aircraft models.

Using the latest technology, including sophisticated reality-replicating training devices, students learn from a constantly updated and improved curriculum, on the highest fidelity simulators. We’re partnering with GE Digital to deliver data-driven training for business aviation professionals. Leveraging GE Digital’s Enterprise Flight Operations Quality Assurance (C-FOQA) insights proactively reduces risk through training focused on preparing for potential threats – before they are experienced in real operations. Aggregated C-FOQA data, compiled from over 300 operators and 1,300 aircraft, identifies threats that are precursors to aviation accidents and incidents.

FlightSafety also meets the demand for commercial pilots, supporting highly efficient and cost-effective training facilities for airlines and other large commercial aircraft operators. Pilots wishing to fly larger transport aircraft can enroll in our Air Transport Certification Training Program (ATP CTP).

Technology at the service of maintenance training

FlightSafety is leading the way in maintenance technician training, meeting industry needs to keep aircraft well-maintained and airworthy. An ideal balance between theoretical and practical training, we offer a wide range of maintenance training courses, developed in close collaboration with aircraft manufacturers. In addition to initial and refresher training, we offer courses such as engine running and taxiing, avionics, operational maintenance procedures, troubleshooting, as well as non-aircraft specific courses such as troubleshooting principles, basic electricity, and composite formation, among others.

We start with in-depth classroom instruction, led by experienced instructors, and then our interactive applied training reinforces the lessons learned. This approach combines academic knowledge and practical experience.

FlightSafety keeps service technicians on the cutting edge of training with new technologies, including Virtual Engine Trainers, which draw inspiration from the cyber world and augmented reality. Using real-time interactive animation of Pratt & Whitney Canada’s engines, VET allows instructors and students to visualize the engine in any position, cross-section, or system grouping. They can interact with the engines, manipulate them and test them virtually, which allows for solid training opportunities.

Our Master Technician program offers technicians a specific five-step career development path. After successfully completing courses, schedules, and exams, they join the elite group of Master Technicians, which publicly recognizes superior performance and technical expertise.

Training for the entire department

FlightSafety offers in-depth and professional cabin crew training, as well as scenario-based cabin safety drills and specialized training devices. Crew members acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage any situation, routine or emergency.

We also offer emergency training – including water hazards with life rafts – for all cabin and cockpit crew. If there is a scenario one might encounter in an aircraft, we have developed a training program for it. Training options include a wide variety of emergency situations using on-board equipment and help to better understand aircraft systems, focusing on their specific aircraft.

FlightSafety also provides a higher level of training for aircraft dispatchers and corporate planners, creating efficient flight service and consistent operations.

A comprehensive training program awaits any aviation professional or flight department at FlightSafety. We raise the bar when it comes to training, offering a comprehensive, bespoke solution for any flight operation, from pilots to cabin safety. This is why so many organizations and businesses rely on FlightSafety as their one-stop training provider.

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