Equity Status of Lehigh Valley School Districts



Whitehall-Coplay began a deep dive into its practices and school climate in 2018, contracting with Faces International to conduct surveys and focus groups. Tyrone Russell wrote a report summarizing issues such as women not feeling included in decision-making processes, Arabic-speaking and Spanish-speaking parents not feeling connected to what was going on due to language barriers, and students. feeling reprimanded by teachers more than they listened. A small group of stakeholders began to delve into this report in 2019-2020. This year, the district came together and formed an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, or EDITForce, to engage with staff and students, lead professional development in the field of equity and diversity, and next year, start forming an equity action plan with the help of an educational equity supervisor. This summer, council is expected to approve a fairness policy committing the district to this work. After having developed an action plan for equity, management wishes to regularly check the effectiveness of the plan. The new district superintendent has signed the district for the Greater Lehigh Valley Consortium for 2021-2022.


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