Expand your communication skills with this ASL Lifetime Package, now for only $ 29.99



Communication is an important function that we all need to have in order to stay connected, stay informed, and develop relationships with the people we meet during our day.

When you are only fluent in one language, it can hamper your communication with others and can be a setback in your career as well.

If you want to broaden your communication skills and learn a new language, why not learn American Sign Language?

Don’t worry you don’t have to go out and attend a class, you can learn ASL from the comfort of your own home with The 2022 American Sign Language Lifetime Membership Complete Pack.

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Learn the basics of the alphabet from sign language to more advanced signs, such as medical emergencies with this CPD accredited set from Cudoo.

If you are not familiar with Cudoo, they are the flagship of OnlineLearning.xyz, a comprehensive and convenient online learning platform that offers a growing library of over 800 online courses in languages, professional skills and personal development.

This ASL set is perfect for anyone just starting to learn American Sign Language or someone who wants to delve deeper into things like learning signs for scuba diving and ASL for babies and toddlers.

You’ll have access to over 100 hours of online learning with updated videos for 2021 and multiple sign variations for some of the popular phrases based on feedback from former Cudoo students.

With this ASL online set, you also get practice videos that will help you learn and new quizzes are continually being added so that you can test your new skills.

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There is also a book on American Sign Language – ebook edition which allows you to study when you are offline as well.

What’s even more impressive about this ASL bundle is that all included courses are CPD certified. As you complete each course, you earn a certain number of certified CPD hours.

If you’re ready to broaden your communication skills and learn ASL, you can get the 2022 American Sign Language Lifetime Full Membership Pack right now for only $ 29.99. That’s an 87% savings on the regular price of $ 242.

Prices subject to change.


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