Facebook owner Meta improves language translation AI


Facebook owner Meta has announced a major advancement in its AI language translation technology as the company seeks to showcase its translation credentials amid criticism over poor moderation of content in less common languages.

Meta’s AI model, part of its No Language Left Behind project, has the ability to translate 200 different languages ​​through 50 billion parameters using one of the fastest AI supercomputers in the world. world, and is already being used to translate content on Facebook and Wikipedia.

The technology covers almost double the number of languages ​​offered by conventional translation software with improved accuracy, and will enable more than 25 billion translations to be completed by AI every day on Meta’s applications.

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post: “Communication across languages ​​is a superpower provided by AI, but as we progress in our AI work, it improves everything we do – from displaying the most interesting content on Facebook and Instagram, to recommending relevant advertisements to others, to keeping our services safe for everyone.”

It comes after Meta was accused of failing to moderate harmful content in different languages ​​following an investigation by human rights group Global Witness which found the platform endorsed ads containing violent hate speech written in Amharic, a common language in Ethiopia.

In a statement to the Guardian, Meta said: “We have invested heavily in security measures in Ethiopia, adding more staff with local expertise and strengthening our ability to capture hateful and inflammatory content in the most widely spoken languages. , including Amharic”.

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