Francisca Garces, international #1 bestselling author, launches her coaching program to help non-native professionals gain confidence in English

English Confidence Coach Francisca Garcés, MA to help ambitious non-native English speaking professionals achieve complete fluency through confidence building with her signature program The English Confidence Method

From the earliest stages of second language acquisition, students struggle to separate grammatical notations from the actual application and expression of English. Career-oriented professionals and intermediate English speakers find it difficult to use English as a tool for personal development and to enhance career and life opportunities in English-speaking countries and scenarios.

According to Francisca, one of the ways to become an excellent speaker and leader in a professional field in your second language is to build confidence. Learning languages ​​is not enough. There has to be a mindset element involved when traveling overseas or growing professionally in an English-speaking scenario. Through mastering discomfort, and reprogramming your brain to take action and build small habits, growth, personal or professional, inevitably happens.

Unfortunately, English learners are sometimes limited by the thought: “I need to be in an English-speaking country to practice and master English communication skills.” And while that speeds up results, it’s more about your willpower and sound immersion. Francisca didn’t grow up in an English-speaking country, but had such a passion and determination for learning languages ​​that she didn’t let it stop her.

In her signature program, Francisca combines both her incredible English communication skills as a non-native English speaker and confidence expert and her life experience as a survivor of depression and anxiety. So she knows transformation and action. Because as high-achieving language learners and professionals, we can’t rely on theory and excuses.

To remove limiting beliefs around English proficiency, Francisca adds, “It’s not about the country. It’s about you and your willingness to work, step out of your comfort zone, and stand out with confidence. No matter the circumstances. A belief that she encourages in her students inside the confidence method in English.

The Confidence in English Method is an accelerated method to help ambitious, high-achieving non-native English-speaking intermediate professionals move from feeling frustrated with their English communication skills and limited growth to confident, fluent and conversational so they can capitalize on life and career opportunities in an English-speaking country or scenario.

Dalila Bivolaru, a brilliant member of Francisca’s signature program, said “Thanks to my participation in this course, I obtained my visa to work in the United States and I participated in different interviews with foreign companies and obtained a job for the summer, initiating conversations with people from different country.

Francisca Garcés Narváez, MA, is a multi-passionate and creative entrepreneur from South America who fell in love with music at age 1 and English at age 7. Her mission is to live each day being creative and helping others expand their mindset and opportunities through English. communication skills. His online course, The English Confidence Method, was designed to provide an effective method for high-achieving non-native English speaking professionals around the world to become confident and fluent in order to enhance their career opportunities. She recently became the #1 international bestselling author of Women Who Lead, alongside other trailblazers and entrepreneurs.

Francisca hopes non-native English speaking professionals will learn to master discomfort and English communication skills to achieve complete confidence and fluency through her effective and immersive methodology.

Carlos Daniel González from Colombia, who participated in the program, said: “His pronunciation system is unlike anything I have ever seen before. Moreover, I now know with absolute certainty that the recurring practice, discipline and continuity are what lead to the expected results. By practicing a little every week or on weekends, you won’t be able to become the fluent and confident English speaker you want to be.

For more information about the program and how it can help improve your life and career opportunities in an English-speaking country or scenario, book a call with the Francisca team here

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