Get a pair of truly wireless headphones and a lifetime of language learning at 85% off



There is a lot to be said about learning a new language as an adult. Among other reasons why it’s important to have an extensive vocabulary in any language, learning a new language is a perfect way to mark a new job, have an awesome icebreaker, or just keep your mind fresh while on the go. learning to create new short stories or new poems. in a language that is not yours. Learn a new language and congratulate yourself for doing it with the Lifetime Language Learning Pack, which includes a lifetime uTalk Language Education subscription and a pair of high-quality headphones to get you started.

Let’s talk about what lifetime access to uTalk does for your computer, tablet or phone, okay? With your choice of two of 140 different languages, this subscription gives you over 60 different learning topics, up to 180 hours of learning, and offline learning for use on the go. Go at your own pace with hands-on vocabulary lessons, plus fun learning games and answer tools and tips. With this lifetime membership, even if your travel plans are put on hold, you don’t feel like a chatterbox, or have other things on your plate, the learning will still be there for you when you return.

Now that you’ve got something to listen to, let’s get down to business with the xFyro Active Noise Canceling AI-powered wireless headphones. Both noise canceling and small for convenience, these headphones work on the basis of AI powered noise cancellation and a 4 mic system for the ultimate sound. You can even switch between ANC mode, AI transparency mode, or standard audio settings to suit your needs. Even though outside ambient noise is filtered out, the headphones include a talk mode that lets you selectively amplify conversations.

The heads also feature 7mm graphene drivers and a dual beam mic, so no one on the other end will know what you’re doing when you should be WFH. Overall, you’ll get around 100 hours per charge of your favorite jams, podcasts, ASMR sounds, and more of whatever you put in your ears to unwind.

Get the Lifetime Language Learning Pack including uTalk and xFyro for $ 49.99, almost $ 300 off.

Prices subject to change.


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