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In addition to practice tests, HelpNow has an extensive library of online flashcards on hundreds of topics. Students can create their own flashcards and use them to study for future tests.

In addition to kindergarten to college level support, HelpNow offers adult learning services, such as US citizenship tests, as well as support for resumes and cover letters and skill building through guided lessons, videos and practice tests.

If someone is studying a new language in class or on their own, Transparent Language is another must-have resource. Transparent Language offers language learning methods that result in rapid and reliable progress.

When using this resource, you can choose from over a hundred languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Arabic. Many languages ​​offer learning tools in multiple dialects and for different skill levels. Transparent Language’s KidSpeak online course offers fun, age-appropriate language learning activities designed for children ages 6 and up.

In addition to online homework help and language learning tools, the library has a plethora of online databases for research in many areas. These databases are virtually accessible and include thousands of articles from magazines, journals, encyclopedias and reference books.

The Explora Primary Schools database is designed specifically for kids, with age-appropriate content on everything from geography to biographies. This resource also includes an edition for teachers, which includes out-of-the-box lesson plans, classroom activities, and rubrics.


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