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Calcutta: The resurrection of Restaurant Peliti, which was once an iconic Italian restaurant on Old Court House Street, opposite the Governor’s House, could be the starting point for long-term cooperation between Bengal and Italy in heritage regeneration in Calcutta. City Police Chief Soumen Mitra, who has been instrumental in the restoration of many police heritage buildings, has shown keen interest in participating in the rebirth of a precious piece of cosmopolitan history of the city at a heritage conservation event in the city on Monday.
Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy, said: “The restoration of Peliti can be a good starting point for Bengal-Italy cooperation in the regeneration of the city’s heritage which should involve a movement involving stakeholders from different institutions. as happened in the heritage movement. in cities like Bologna and Naples. Mitra quickly ensured active cooperation in the restoration and preservation of these buildings.
Earlier, Professor Tathagata Chatterjee, an expert in urban management and governance, set the tone for the symposium at the Bengal Chamber of Commerce by mentioning Peliti to refer to Kolkata’s long connection with Italy. He also referred to the Italian architectural influence on the colonial buildings in the city.
The knight Federico Peliti, a master chef, started his catering and confectionery business in 1870. Famous for the three-course lunch, the restaurant was also known for the 12-foot-tall replica of the sugar Eiffel Tower, designed by Peliti himself in December 1889. It is here that the Rotary Club of Calcutta was born in 1919. The building is now in ruins and needs urgent restoration. Luca promised to share the famous Italian experience and expertise in the process of heritage regeneration.
Mitra, Manish Chakraborty, a conservation architect, and GM Kapur, the Bengal official of INTACH, all advocated for the transfer of the Development Right (TDR) to the state to save more and more heritage buildings, which have become the responsibility of the owners. In fact, the state government is also very keen to incorporate TDR into the construction law.


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