Indian Army officers learn Tibetan language and culture to build stronger bonds



In an effort to counter Chinese influence, Indian army officers are studying Tibetan history, culture and language to deepen the existing bond. This process began in March 2021 when 15 officers were enrolled in the Tibetology course which involves culture, geopolitics, politics, demography and Buddhist philosophy underwent a rigorous examination lasting an overall duration of approximately 2 months.

The second batch of this course is to start from November to which 20 Indian Army officers have already registered. So far, 22 applications have been received for the third course. The Indian Army and the Central Institute for Himalayan Culture Studies in Arunachal Pradesh and the Sikkim-based Namgyal Institute of Tibetology have signed a memorandum of understanding.

“I didn’t know the Tibetan language and culture earlier, but after taking the course it gives me a new perspective,” said an Indian army officer who completed the first batch of the course. Speaking of the course, an official also said: “These are courses of approximately six to eight weeks, which are taught by specialists in the field or as subject matter experts who are part of the institute, we go to them and they impart knowledge. There are guest lectures, we have interactive sessions. We visit various monasteries, interact with the villagers, understand what the culture is all about. “

He further noted that going through the strict procedure will empower the soldiers. The Indian Army also organizes Chinese and Mandarin courses in collaboration with Tezpur University. (ANI)

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