iRealities Technologies announces Intelligent Digital Interface (IDI) solution, a futuristic concept with natural language conversational interaction with customers

Mumbai, May 2022:- iRealities Technologies (IR) introduces the futuristic concept of creating attractive and intelligent interfaces. It is perhaps the only company with almost 25 years of experience in the development of digital interfaces. It is no longer a question of man-machine interface, but of virtual man-to-man. In human-machine interfacing, the machine part is eliminated and it will become the virtual/digital human-human interface.

There has always been a machine between the company and the user, this machine has been eliminated, thus converting the company into a digital human.

IR Technologies recognizes the company itself by bringing intelligence to the interfaces. Indeed, the organization’s engagement with the customer increases. Rather than leaving it up to the customer what information they need, understanding the network effect and neural networks can inform customers like an experienced attendant can guide customers through the information and make it more relevant. for them. It is beyond persuasion where it can only influence user from outside, now intelligence holds users. An intelligent interface is internal to the user journey.

IR’s smart digital interface seeks to eliminate the machine between business and user. This revolutionary concept converts the company into a digital human as we enter the era of artificial intelligence.

Going further, Prasad Ajgaonkar, founder of iRealities Technologies, said: “Every aspect of our personal or professional life is quantified and recognized. On the other hand, the digital first generation is so multitasking that they lack time and attention. »

“In this world of time abundance and scarcity, companies have only one choice and that of making access to their information intelligent, which requires looking at the user interface with a different perspective. At iRealities, we are ready to meet this challenge thanks to our experience in building digital interfaces over the past 25 years. We have always been the first to introduce new interfacing modes in the country, and the smart digital interface is the next step. he added again

“We’re creating natural language communication where, the same way you talk to a company representative, you can talk to company websites or apps. There is therefore natural language processing which is an integral part of the Intelligent Digital Interface. Just as the individual (sales rep or customer support) uses their wisdom to impart the right kind of information to understand customer needs, interfaces also convert knowledge into wisdom and deliver the right information. It helps the customer and the information seeker to go to the right place which is its benefit along with the organization. says Manjusha Raut, Product Evangelist at iRealities.

Conversational UI provides multiple benefits in terms of better engagement and trust building with end user through proper interaction, better user experience, convenience and decision support in filling out tedious form and adjusting questions based on user responses. Cross-platform integration and compatibility create seamless progression and allow for customization.

It is a revolutionary innovation with a set of solutions. It understands customers on a personal, detailed level that allows for “micro-personalization” of products and services.

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