Khairy: Face masks are now optional indoors in Malaysia with immediate effect

Malaysia has officially lifted the face mask mandate for indoor environments, which is one of the last remaining COVID-19 SOPs. Effective immediately as of today (September 7, 2022), wearing a face mask indoors is now optional and only required in certain scenarios.

However, venue owners still reserve the right to require visitors to wear face coverings or to make wearing them optional. This means businesses and venue operators can still decide to continue to enforce the mandatory face covering rule and refuse entry to people who do not comply.

Face masks are still mandatory in health facilities and public transport. According to the Ministry of Health, public transport also includes taxis, e-mails, flights, buses, staff vans and school vans.

Although COVID-19 cases in Malaysia are under control, the government still recommends individuals wear face masks in crowded and poorly ventilated areas. Face masks are also recommended for people who are symptomatic (cough, fever, flu), at high risk, or when interacting with high risk people such as the elderly and children.

Prior to this, the government lifted the mandatory face mask requirement for outdoor settings from May 1, 2022 as part of its transition to the endemic phase. All economic sectors and international borders have been fully reopened. The latest decision comes after Singapore recently made face masks optional indoors from August 29, except for healthcare facilities, nursing homes as well as medical and public transport.


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