Learn the basics of ASL for under $20

If you think the only reason to learn sign language is to communicate with the deaf community, think again. While this is undoubtedly a very valid motivator, the truth is that the use of sign language can be extended to many aspects of your daily life. And you can start by learning from this Complete ASL course.

Imagine these scenarios: You have a child or other parent who has an intellectual disability that makes speech difficult, such as autism. You are in a place where the noise is incredibly loud and you need to connect someone from across the room. You work in a factory where the machinery stifles any type of speech. You’re at the library or the theater and you can’t wait to say what you have to say. You work in retail and maybe have a deaf customer. In all of these situations, sign language can make communication easier (provided, of course, that others understand or that you pass on your ASL knowledge to them).

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American Sign Language has grown in popularity lately, thanks to exposure in mainstream media. The award-winning film CODA, drew our attention to the difficulties that hearing children may encounter with deaf parents. News and press conferences are now frequently translated on television. With the emerging interest, ASL grew to become the third most popular language in America, behind English and Spanish. teaching jobs, performers, and the guards become numerous. A quick search on Indeed.com alone shows more than 4,500 openings across the United States to date.

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This comprehensive ASL course will teach you over 500 basic and fundamental signs in fourteen useful categories such as family, emotion, personality, and questions. In each, you’ll learn the hand shape, hand position, and hand motion for each sign through one-on-one video lessons, then practice, practice, practice.

Created by Michael Honkanen, a highly rated TESOL and TEFL certified instructor, and former police officer and federal investigator who often used ASL to communicate and interpret for witnesses, victims and perpetrators, this course will make you become more more confident signature and agreement with the other signatories and the deaf community.

Start learning to communicate in ASL today – lifetime access can be yours for only $19 (regular price at $199) for a limited time.

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