Lost Tolkien Manuscript FOUND: “Concerning…the Treasure”

It’s the discovery of a lifetime: a handwritten manuscript by JRR Tolkien, written and signed in 1964, has surfaced. This nine-page text, which Christopher Tolkien painstakingly recreated from memory, tells a rather familiar story to readers of The Silmarillion in chapter 22. Yet, as the “original” manuscript of this part of the story, it contains new treasures to delight readers. serious reader of Tolkien.

First report

Tolkien’s Italian Society Group Association Italiana Studi Tolkieniani broke the news yesterday in this phenomenal article: Il Silmarillion, scoperto un manoscritto inedito Bring your Italian for this one! I would love to have mine…

Opening auction: 15 grand via Heritage Auctions

This treasure goes under the auction hammer in two weeks with a starting bid of $15,000! Watching the offerings in this lot is impressive, as the Professor keeps company with Poe, Dickens, Doyel, Washington, Jefferson, Einstein, Beethoven, and some other amazing artifacts and memorabilia. The manuscript includes a rare genealogical chart titled “Relationship of the Half-Elf”, a signed letter to Mrs. Eileen Elgar transmitting the manuscript, and “Concerning…The Treasure”, the manuscript itself.

Check out the auction lot here at Heritage Auctions and get ready for beauty.

Courtesy of Heritage Auctions

Hoping that this discovery becomes available for scientific study from all walks of life! A special, “Thag you berry buch!” to Lasswen and DrNosy for bringing the news to our Discord chat this morning.

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