Number 282 – Florentine Lessons

The description

Here in Tuscany, the children have been back in school for a week and students from all over the world are moving to Italy. In the October issue of The Florentine (released September 30), we will celebrate Florence as a world-class education center with its myriad of international schools and lifelong learning programs in a dazzling array of fields.

The cover story focuses on Masquerade Opera Studioa recently launched opera training program designed to support singers of exceptional talent, based in the fascinating halls of the Palazzo Corsini, while features include a behind-the-scenes look at Europe’s top jewelery school, LAO – Le Arti Orafe; a visit to Jewish Community of Florencekindergarten, library and archives to observe their lifelong commitment to Jewish heritage; a whirlwind visit to Granaio della Abbondanza, the dynamic center of new ideas on the banks of the Arno River; and Deirdre Pirro’s profile of Angel of Gubernatis, orientalist, professor of Sanskrit and founder of the Indian Museum in Florence. We select the minds of education experts in Florence with thoughtful contributions from Simon Gammeldirector of the British Institute; Carla Guarducci, President and CEO, Lorenzo De’ Medici – The Italian International Institute; and Alexander Colombodirector of AD Education Italia/Accademia Italiana.

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