Opening ceremony of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics: order of countries, performances, flag bearers …



Opening ceremony: security restrictions

One year after being canceled due to the global pandemic, Olympic Games return, but still with strict restrictions due to the increase in cases in the host country. No fan will be allowed at the Olympic events or the Opening and Closing Ceremonies this year, an aspect that will radically change the atmosphere of all events not only for the competitors but also for those who watch it from home.

The first sponsor officials usually seen at the opening of the Olympics will also not be attending this year’s ceremony. Companies cited the no-show policy at most Games venues and the need to prevent their executives from contracting the novel coronavirus. Even Japan’s three major trading groups also decided to skip the opening ceremony.

Authorities said only 950 people were expected. Among which will be officials, journalists, performers or athletes participating in the Olympic Games.

Even though athletes are not required to be vaccinated, the IOC has tried to persuade all countries to have their athletes vaccinated in solidarity with the host country. About 80% of accompanying persons have already been vaccinated.


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