Ottawa reopens after four-week protest and redoes Valentine’s Day: This week’s top five stories

The police pull the “Freedom Convoy” out of downtown and the City of Ottawa does Valentine’s Day again. takes a look at the top five stories on our website this week.


Roads, businesses and restaurants in downtown Ottawa reopened this week after police intervened to remove the “Freedom Convoy” protest from downtown.

Officers from the Ottawa Police, OPP, RCMP and several municipal police forces conducted an operation to end the protest that had blocked roads and sidewalks since January 28 as part of a protest against COVID-19 vaccination mandates and other public health measures.

As of Monday, 122 people had been charged with a total of 393 offences. Ottawa police say 407 criminal investigations are still ongoing, “which will take months to process.”

Police and municipal law enforcement officers issued a total of 4,200 tickets for traffic violations and municipal bylaws.

On Sunday, protesters filled the Ottawa baseball stadium encampment as police moved in to evict the group from city property.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repealed the Emergencies Act, while the Ontario government ended a state of emergency in response to protests in Ottawa and at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor. On Thursday, Mayor Jim Watson lifted Ottawa’s state of emergency.

Ottawa police say the cost of the police operation in response to the Freedom Convoy protest is $31 million.

Meanwhile, two of the protest organizers – Tamara Lich and Pat King – were denied bail this week and remain in custody.

Ottawa police have charged a 50-year-old man with a downtown robbery that prompted a major police operation and the evacuation of the Rideau Centre.

On Tuesday, police said the man entered a business inside the mall and when confronted by security he brandished a gun. The suspect was arrested nearby.

Officers with firearms could be seen outside the mall, including near the Rideau Center entrance. Heavily armed tactical officers could be seen entering the entrance to a mall on Rideau Street.

Carlos Smythe has been charged with robbery and several firearms offences.

Senator apologizes for ‘mangled remarks’ about Ottawa residents frustrated by convoy protest

A Conservative senator from Nova Scotia apologized this week for comments he made about residents’ reaction to the Freedom Convoy protest.

Senator Michael MacDonald was captured on video expressing his support for the protesters and disparaging the reaction of residents opposed to noise, idling and other occupation-related issues.

“It’s the capital of the country. It’s not your g—— city just because you have a six-figure salary and you work 20 hours a week,” MacDonald said.

The senator told CTV News he was “mortified”, explaining that the video was recorded as he returned from dinner drinking.

‘I left the impression that I was okay with the illegal parking of trucks downtown and made mutilated remarks about the feelings of people in Ottawa regarding the protest,’ MacDonald told the Senate on Monday. . “So first I want to apologize to the people of Ottawa for my clumsy language. It was not my intention to disparage anyone.”

Senator Michael L. MacDonald

A downtown Ottawa restaurant has offered to buy dinner this week for some local residents who have made headlines for standing up to “Freedom Convoy” protesters.

North and Navy on Nepean Street reopened this week with the offer to buy a free dinner from “the blue jacket guy, the balcony man, the pot and ladle man, 3 grandmas and well sure Zexi Li”.

Zexi Li is the downtown resident who is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against protesters, which included an injunction blocking the constant honking residents had endured during the protest.

The three grannies are Marika Morris and her neighbors, who were pictured standing in the street giving a thumbs up to a lorry driver as he attempted to drive through their neighborhood.

The City of Ottawa is giving you the chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one again this year and support the reopening of downtown businesses after the Freedom Convoy.

The council approved a motion to redo Valentine’s Day on March 14.

“Our heart-shaped town needs a little love,” the councilman said. Mathieu Fleury, who moved the motion.

Valentine's day

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