Parking lot and Italian restaurant receive zoning approval in Wilkes-Barre


WILKES-BARRE – Neighbors doubted the conditions set by the Wilkes-Barre Zoning Hearing Panel for Harrold’s Pharmacy to locate an employee parking lot next to their Conwell Street backyard would be met.

The land was used for years behind the pharmacy at 250 Old River Road without zoning approval to begin with and neighbors’ trees were cut without their permission after employees complained that sap was dripping from branches and trees. branches overhanging their vehicles.

Pharmacy owner Bruce Lefkowitz and his attorney Mark McNealis have sought to make amends to Antonia Camera, Tyler Hammond and Lauren Rosato.

“Which I should have done, and I apologize to my neighbors. I probably should have checked with them before cutting down the trees just to create a good neighborly relationship. So I apologize for that and the next time I definitely will, ”Lefkowitz said.

McNealis added that Lefkowitz will install screens, bumpers and limit gravel terrain to employees to prevent them from parking on the street in the South Wilkes-Barre neighborhood. He painted a grim picture if council rejected the request and did not grant the property setback waivers contained in the zoning ordinance.

“So if it’s not approved, at this point you can tear down the fence. You wouldn’t need to set up any filtering and their perspective will be that of your entire business, ”McNealis told Lefkowitz. “If they think it looks bad now, if you don’t get it approved, it’s going to be worse, right?” “

The camera provided a brief history of his and Hammond’s attempts to purchase the strip of land the lot occupies from the city. It was because of their legal fight with the town selling the former Old River Road Bakery property to LAG Towing that Harrold’s was able to buy it, she said.

“I like to think the prescriptions are great as is and there’s a reason for that because we have to live there and we intend to continue living there,” Camera said.

The Commission heard opposition from neighbors to Bobbi-Jo Romanishan of Shavertown’s request to use the third floor of his property at 275 S. River St. as accommodation for Wilkes University students. Romanishan said she is renting to four students and a teacher. She wanted to increase the total number of student tenants to eight, but the council would only allow five.

There was no opposition and Council approved applications for Mora’s Grocery at 300 Barney St. and La Piazza Bella, an Italian restaurant, at 208 Carey Ave.

Lawyer Angelo Terrana said his client, Henry Mendoza, had an agreement to purchase the Carey Avenue property that once housed the Fred Schuler Inc. Nissan dealership. Terrana said Mendoza had an auto sales and repair business in one section of the building and planned to close its restaurant near Orlando, Fla., And move it to another part of the building.

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