Public safety compromised by outdated taxi laws, York advisers say


York advisers told the government it should consider changing the laws governing taxis and private rental vehicles.

Licensing committee members Rachel Melly and Keith Orrell have written to the government on behalf of York City Council asking for what they say is a long-awaited national reform of the Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Act .

Labor spokesperson Cllr Melly co-signed the letter to Secretary of State for Transport Grant Shapps.

She says the law is outdated, creating incentives for York-based operators to license in other areas with lower standards.

“Licensed operators elsewhere in the region who have drivers operating for significant periods in York are a problem, and York-based operators who bypass York’s rigorous protection and knowledge test by licensing in Wolverhampton are a problem. another, ”she said.

“In either case, we have drivers operating in York at lower standards or without sufficient knowledge of our city to provide proper service.

“The overall goal of taxi licenses is to ensure public safety, but in either case, public safety is compromised by perverse incentives under the current regulatory regime.

“It’s a mess and something that continues to cause significant problems both for public safety and for the livelihoods of licensed York drivers who rightly meet York’s high standards.”

She said there are obvious problems with the current system. “The law is outdated and ambiguous.

“Different lawyers have different interpretations. Councilors recognize and recognize the problems this is causing in York, and we want the government to act so that public confidence can be restored when someone chooses to take a cab.

“At the moment enforcement is difficult and many of the incidents reported in York unfairly tarnish the vast majority of properly trained and licensed York drivers.”

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