Reinforced security in Mukesh Ambani’s house after tax driver alert



Ambani News: Police stepped up security outside Antilia, Mukesh Ambani’s residence, on Monday after a taxi driver reported two suspicious men in a private vehicle asking for information about the structure. They established nakabandis all over the city.

According to police sources, the taxi driver registered the license plate number of the private taxi, but it does not exist. As a result, the nakabandi was reported to all police stations in the city.

According to sources, the taxi driver called the control center around 1 p.m. Monday to say that a gray private taxi driver and his passenger were looking to get to Ambani’s home on Altamount Road. He met the couple in front of Killa Court.

The motorist was scared and quickly alerted the police, as Antilia made headlines earlier this year after a bomb-laden SUV was found nearby, they added.

Many people are asking for directions, according to the taxi driver, but the men and their body language were suspicious, reports said.

“The taxi driver has grown suspicious and has notified the control room as well as the local police. We are investigating his allegations,” a senior IPS official said midday.

“We have verified the number of the private taxi with the Regional Transportation Bureau (RTO) database, but it does not exist. We are trying to corroborate the number with the CCTV camera footage,” the CCTV added. officer.

Three gray automobiles were seen driving past Killa courthouse with their license plates obscured, prompting police to expand the study area with CCTV camera equipment.

Both men were dressed in black pants and T-shirts, according to the taxi driver’s statement, and the passenger had long hair, according to the taxi driver’s statement.

Using the taxi driver’s description, Mumbai police are working on a drawing. They also informed the security of Ambani, who is also taking precautions.


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