Reviews | Another update for Dulles

After a long flight, passengers are crammed like sardines into “people movers”, which only move when full. This may have been an innovative method when the airport was built, but with the increase in passenger volume it is now inefficient and should be phased out as it was for domestic travellers.

Alvaro A. Sanchez, Colesville

Metro’s August 28 article “After 60 years, Dulles Airport sets the stage for a makeover” reported on recent and upcoming changes at Dulles International Airport. Before Metro’s Silver Line expansion was approved, its opponents (including me) noted the absurdity of its premise. There was no way that enough air passengers would drag their luggage on the Silver Line, and there was no reason to spend billions on this line rather than just providing adequate bus service for airport employees. The Dulles mess has always been a sinkhole that required massive grants to build and will forever require massive operating grants.

Finally, someone has admitted what any informed observer has always known. The article quoted airport manager Richard Golinowski as saying, “I think ultimately this will bring more employees to the airport than passengers. But it’s good. If we can get employees to the airport more easily – transporting them via public transport rather than driving on the roads every day. … People don’t want to carry their luggage on the subway. They just prefer to drive or take an Uber, take a taxi or have someone drive them to the airport with their luggage.

We can’t be competitive when we’re throwing billions at useless vanity projects. Unfortunately, the Silver Line isn’t the only mess going on that’s sapping our resources.

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