Sci-fi adventure Mutropolis hits Switch in August

Application Systems Heidelberg publishes Pirita Studio’s sci-fi adventure Mutropolis on To change, the company announced today. It will be released on August 18, 2022.

Mutropolis is a point-and-click adventure game “with inventory puzzles and an interesting story.” The project, developed by Madrid artists Beatriz Gascón and Juan Pablo González, has more than fifty hand-drawn scenes.

Mutropolis is a beautiful sci-fi adventure that takes place on the abandoned planet Earth. Play as Henry Dijon (hero, nerd, detective) in search of a legendary lost city. Start a wonderful hand-drawn quest. Discover strange ancient artifacts. And PLEASE don’t let ageless evil annihilate you. You have been warned.

We are in the year 5000 and the greatest achievements of human history are forgotten. The pyramids, the Mona Lisa – forgotten.

Forgotten by everyone except Henry Dijon and his motley team of archaeologists. They left Mars to unearth lost treasures on the wild and inhospitable planet Earth. Life is sweet, until Henry’s teacher is kidnapped and things start to get…weird.

Join Henry on a freewheeling adventure through the ruins of our civilization. Ask questions like, “Who was that Sony Walkman?” And where did he go? Discover extraordinary relics, save Professor Totel and be the first to enter the legendary city of Mutropolis.

One more thing – the gods of ancient Egypt are real and they are trying to destroy mankind. – Enjoy!

Main characteristics

– More than 50 hand-drawn scenes, filled with cute and weird characters.
– Full voiceover in English, text localizations in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Korean.
– Archaeological puzzles with a sci-fi twist.

We have a trailer for Mutropolis below.

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