Seniors Kevin Manogue, Anna Zittle and Celeste Fieberg win Fulbright scholarship – The Lafayette

More than 2,000 students apply each year to the Fulbright Scholars Program, a renowned scholarship that provides grants for research or teaching projects in countries around the world.

After a six-month waiting period, Kevin Manogue ’22, Anna Zittle ’22 and Celeste Fieberg ’22 were announced as Fulbright award recipients this month.

Manogue has been accepted into the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) program and will be working at a Colombian university next year as a language teaching assistant. He has been president of the Lafayette Spanish Club since his sophomore year and has participated in an English tutoring program in the Easton community with Spanish-speaking children and parents. Additionally, he founded Building Bridges, a voluntary organization designed to help parents develop their fluency in English as a second language.

“I’ve always really enjoyed this language-learning atmosphere, but I also really enjoy teaching,” Manogue said. “So somewhere in the process I thought to myself… ‘I might be interested in Fulbright.’ That’s kind of how it all started.”

“I will teach a lot,” he added. “But in my spare time I will be able to explore, travel and volunteer – hopefully – and generally just connect with the city I’m placed in, which is really what I’m passionate about,” Manogue said.

For Zittle, a love education and music led her to choose the Czech Republic as the destination for her ETA program. Zittle is pursuing a dual degree in math and music and worked as a writing assistant (WA) in college. Associate Dean of Advisory and Extracurricular Programs and Scholarship Advisor Julia Goldberg suggested that Zittle apply for the Fulbright.

“Dean Goldberg suggested that if I was interested, I should apply for a Fulbright English teaching assistant position because I have a great interest in teaching,” Zittle said. “Being a music student is obviously a big part of my life, and I’ve always been particularly drawn to many Czech composers, including [Antonín] Dvorak and [Bedřich] Smetana. And I found the [Czech] program and I was like, ‘Wow, I could go teach English, which I already do.’ »

The Fulbright program aims to facilitate cross-cultural growth from an academic and professional perspective through cultural exchange, immersive learning, and direct community engagement.

“I really want to immerse myself in the Czech community,” said Zittle, delighted to broaden her own perspective. “Everyone I’ve met so far, whether it’s people from the Czech Republic or people from Lafayette who have family there or are from the Czech Republic, are all such nice people, generous and insightful. I’m really excited to learn more about the inside community.

Fieberg has been accepted as an ETA in Kyrgyzstan but does not plan to accept the award; instead, she plans to find a job in the United States. Fieberg, who is majoring in mechanical engineering and German, was initially drawn to the program in Kyrgyzstan because of her interest in Central Asian culture and the program’s focus on women in STEM.

As president of the International Students Association, she emphasized the rewards of learning a new language and culture.

“I had already lived abroad in France for two years and really enjoyed this immersive language experience and immersing myself in the culture and I felt like it after college,” she said. .

While noting that her priorities have since changed, she encouraged juniors to explore their options and consider applying for the scholarship.

The Fulbright application is a lengthy process with several components, including a personal statement, program or research proposal, and additional essays, depending on the Fulbright website.

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