SHANE BROWN: Tag Guten! I’m learning German on a language app | Lifestyles


Shane Brown, Advertiser and Columnist.



Last week I discovered a content creator whose videos are quite addicting. He’s a random guy who is fluent in over two dozen languages. He films himself approaching strangers and getting their reaction when he starts speaking in their native language.

There’s something deep, deep silly about me that every time I see someone do an awesome feat like that, my immediate response is not to appreciate them for who they are. MY reaction is usually to say to myself, “Well, I could do it. For the record, in 99.98% of these cases, I could NEVER do this, no matter “that”.

Anyway, I decided that night in my infinite wisdom to download an app that teaches you other languages.

When I was in high school, I took some language lessons. I chose German for the big reason that “Rock Me Amadeus” and “99 Luftballoons” were pretty cool songs back then. I have never been good at this or anywhere near to speak fluently. After graduation, the few German words I had memorized fell from my head into a pile alongside chemistry, dodge ball rules, and all “algebra.”

But I’m smart, right? I should be able to learn a new language. I decided to try German again. I realize that makes absolutely no sense. I can’t think of a possible scenario where knowing the German language could impact my life.


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