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Sound check: Oklahoma is widely seen as a threat to win the national championship. So Nebraska could be a huge underdog depending, of course, on how they perform in their first three games. If NU comes out of the gate well and enters the day with a 3-0 record, this game will gain national attention – in part because NU tried at one point not to play it in the hope to schedule an additional home game. Yes, there is this little scenario to consider.

Volume reading: 9. It’s the 50th anniversary of the 1971 game of the century. It’s Nebraska and Oklahoma, friendly rivals of yesteryear. All-time greats from both programs will be on stage in Norman. It should be beautiful. NU and OU have faced each other 86 times but haven’t faced each other since December 4, 2010, shortly before the Huskers officially joined the Big Ten.

Mount them: Oklahoma never lost a game during Lincoln Riley days when he won the turnover battle. If anyone is to upset this Sooner crew, they’ll need take-out, maybe several of them – like the four Kansas State produced in their 38-35 shocker against OU last season. The Sooners were also under-2 against the Wildcats in 2019 and abandoned their only regular-season game.

Lower them: Ultra-talented Oklahoma quarterback Spencer Rattler is entering his third year in Riley’s system. This QB comfort level is pretty scary. Plus, Rattler throws in a receiving body that is considered one of the best in the country. Include talented full-backs into the mix, and an attack that spreads the ball should be nearly impossible to completely circle.


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