St. Augustine’s Oldest Record Store, Music Matters, Has New Owner


Music Matters, St. Augustine’s oldest record store, has a new owner and a new name: Music Matters Remixed. Eric Wenstrom was “passed the torch” about six months ago from the original owner, Casey Kelber, who opened the store in 1989.

Wenstrom turns 50 in November and has been shopping at Music Matters since opening. He has remained a loyal customer over the years, stopping to buy music whenever he came back to town to visit his mother.

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Wenstrom was put on leave during the COVID pandemic in 2020 and called Kelber at Music Matters to “order a curbside music pickup,” when Kelber handed him a yellow paper flyer stating that the company was in. to sell.

Passionate about music and collector of musical memorabilia, Wenstrom said he went back to his mother and asked her what she thought about buying the store and returning to St. Augustine. After a long career in hospitality at theme parks, he decided it was time to fulfill his dream of owning his own music store.

But what Wenstrom quickly realized was that it wasn’t just his dream, but his responsibility to the St. Augustine community and the customers who have been shopping in the store for over 30 years. . He says regular customers stop by every week and thank him for buying the store and bringing more vinyls, more vintage collectibles, more new inventory.

And how important is it in today’s digital age to be able to flip through vinyl records and CDs?

“Sure, the technology is amazing and it’s all available these days with a click of an app (or in my day, a tip of the hat), and that’s great until something like COVID comes along and take everything but that little miracle device out of your hands, ”said Wenstrom.

“It wasn’t until then that so many people realized that what was really missing these days was interaction with each other, especially in relation to music.”

Its immediate objective was to “create an environment reminiscent of ancient times, a gathering place open to all to come and celebrate music together”.

Wenstrom explains that “Music Matters Remixed has been revitalized to once again fully encompass the term ‘record store’.”

Every square inch of space, from floor to ceiling, is a tribute to music of all genres. The vintage music posters on the walls are from Wenstrom’s personal collection, the majority of which date from the 1980s and early 1990s.

The vinyl albums are displayed in wooden fishing crates throughout the store. Customers can easily browse the well-organized checkouts to find vintage vinyl or the latest deals Wenstrom brings each week.

Customers browse vinyl records on Wednesday, June 23 at Music Matters Remixed.

“We have a large selection of vintage, out-of-print and hard-to-acquire records, as well as current new releases and repackaging classics. The store also offers domestic and imported presses on all formats, including many limited editions and collector’s sets, ”explained Wenstrom.

“You will also find cassettes; tee-shirts; posters; Funko Pops (toys based on pop culture characters); comics; stickers; incense; figurines; magazines; DVD; and St. Augustine’s largest and most diverse inventory still available on compact disc.

Also available: turntables; guitars; keyboards; ukulele; harmonicas; and music accessories.

Wenstrom invites the community and its visitors to stop by and see all the new updates.

A big relaunch night will take place from noon to 5 p.m. on Saturday, June 26 at Music Matters Remixed, Riverside Plaza, next to Hobby Lobby, at 196 State Road 16. The event will feature live music from the musician local Amy Hendrickson and her friends. , as well as promotional gifts, artisans and vendors in the area and sales throughout the store.

“The store has been completely revamped, providing a unique and enjoyable shopping experience, while keeping the vinyl platform at the forefront of the new experience,” said Wenstrom.

“Most importantly, the store has been redesigned to create a warm and inviting vibe of the record shops of yesteryear – a place to meet up with friends and enjoy the afternoon. We want to bring back that sense of community, to have a safe and welcoming place to come together and share the gift of music. “

Wenstrom said he was bullied as a child and teenager and music literally saved him. It was her therapy at the time and she continues to have healing power.

“I guess it helps us all. It allows us to feel, think, dream, hope and believe in love, “he said.” It is a universal language that casts a spell that binds us all together. Music takes us on a beautifully unique journey that helps us find ourselves at the heart of our innermost vibration.… I owe so much of what I am to music.

Some of his favorites include the bands he grew up with in the ’80s: Dead or Alive; A-ha; Dispatch Mode; The Smiths; Stevie Nicks; blonde hair ; Cultural Club; The treatment; Yazoo; Enya; Cyndi Lauper; Duran Duran; Billy Idol; Ministry; Pet Shop Boys; Heart; Bern; Missing persons; Love book; And the list continues …

Wenstrom remembers his first visits to a music store in the Ponce de Leon shopping center in the mid-1980s, Music Land.

“I only had $ 20 to spend for the weekend, and that was a lot for us at the time. I know I needed money for a movie and food, and with those things in consideration, I could only afford one of the two albums I was holding in my hands. It pained me to know that I had to leave one behind because they were just as important to me, ”he recalls.

“I clearly remember a 15 year old who boldly told the universe that one day I will own the whole store and never have to choose just one again”… me 35 years old.

Big relaunch night of Music Matters Remixed

When: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday June 26

Or: Music Matters Remixed, in Riverside Plaza, next to the Hobby Lobby, at 196 State Road 16.

What: The event will feature live music by local musician Amy Hendrickson and friends, as well as merchandise giveaways, local artisans and vendors, and store-wide sales.

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