Stop overcharging passengers, Newman tells transport operators

Transport Operators Development Sustainable Services (TODSS) President Egeton Newman blasts rogue transport operators who continue to overcharge passengers.

“It is regrettable; it is sad and it shakes the leadership of the sector when the Minister of Transport [Audley Shaw] must urge operators to stop overcharging passengers,” Newman said in a statement.

Newman said he previously thought talk of transport operators charging more than the Transport Authority’s stipulated fare was not true.

“I was of the opinion that it wasn’t or, if it was, it would be a few people [doing it] or a misunderstanding regarding the calculation of the tariff. But…several are engaged in this illegal practice,” Newman said.

“TODSS is again calling on operators to end this illegal practice because you are harming commerce.”

The veteran administrator noted that last August, public transport operators won a 15% fare increase.

“Although small, we have to obey the law and wait for the sector to reapply for another increase,” he said.

“We condemn any illegal increase in taxi and bus fares and call on the police and the Transport Authority to take the necessary steps to put an end to these rogue practices.

“TODSS does not and will not condone such a practice,” Newman said.

Shaw was named the new transport minister in January, and in February signaled that another fare increase was imminent given the high costs, particularly for fuel, faced by public passenger vehicle operators.

“We had a 15% adjustment, and I want to say that … in the not too distant future there will be another adjustment that will be made because we are aware of the difficulties that we are facing,” Shaw said. at a reception in February.

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