Stop the illegal operation of bicycle taxis in Bangalore

Bengaluru: The Karnataka State Travel Owners Association submitted a memorandum to the State Transport Minister B Sriramulu on Monday and requested him to stop the illegal operation of cycle taxis inside the city. Karnataka State Travel Owners Association Chairman K Radhakrishna Holla said, “We urge the Minister of Transport to pay great attention to our taxi industry, the passenger transport industry , tour operators, employee transport, etc. Violation of Indian law and unsafe public transport by aggregators will be a real hindrance to economic progress as well as public administration.”

He said the Central Motor Vehicles Act gave guidelines and notification to follow the rule when operating bicycle taxis. Similarly, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India is also permitted to operate a motor vehicle under the Aggregator Directive with notification dated November 27, 2020.

In a silicon city we have more than 1 crore vehicles circulating inside the city, about more than 66 lakh Two-wheelers already exist about 24.94 lakh vehicles in rural areas commuting every days, Radhakrishna said. “We already have a lot of traffic congestion problems. Under the Automobile Regulation Act 67, the Department of Transportation and the Police Department have the right to monitor passenger safety, competitive fares, prevention of overcrowding and road safety etc. illegal operations with personal use vehicles and passenger safety are also at risk,” he said.

We welcome them if they respect the following rules and notifications for Bike Taxi. Our state is improving the tourism sectors, but we need more action and support from all departments to ensure essential growth in all areas. We hope that the state government will take action on said standards and implement as mandatory to follow everything for BIKE Taxi operators. We look forward to the Minister of Transport thinking about considering the improvement of tour operators and hope to get good encouragement for our industry, he added.

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