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MIAMI, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With travel season fast approaching, Lingoda, the popular online language school, today announced its upcoming Language Sprint™ to get travelers up to speed quickly with the desired language before traveling abroad. By choosing from four languages ​​- Spanish, French, German, English and Business English – language learners can join the Lingoda Sprint™ or Super Sprint challenge, dramatically improve their language confidence in just two months and even have the chance to earn up to 100% cashback.

Lingoda’s exclusive Sprint™ program includes 15 language lessons per month while the Super Sprint is even more intense with 30 lessons per month. Both Sprint™ programs are designed to get travelers up to speed with a new language faster with up to one language lesson per day. If travelers follow Sprint™ rules and attend all classes, travelers can receive up to 50% cashback as a Sprinter and even 100% cashback as a successful Super Sprinter.

“Our curriculums at Lingoda are designed to get you speaking as early and as much as possible,” says Philippa Wentzel, Curriculum Team Leader at Lingoda. “We know that what you’re really looking for when learning a new language is how to navigate real-life situations. With our lessons focusing on human interaction and maximum talk time, you’ll take your confidence speaking at the next level in a subject.We also rotate teachers and students from over 120 countries to expose you to a range of accents and speaking styles to build language confidence in any context, which will come in handy when testing your new language skills abroad,” adds Wentzel.

Lingoda offers live, online group and private lessons available 24/7 with the support of 1,500 qualified native-level teachers. All language lessons are 60 minutes long and with Lingoda’s 24/7 availability, students can book lessons at times that suit their schedule, day or night, weekdays or weekends. weekend. All students need is a laptop or computer and a good internet connection.

Available at any level of language learning, students can choose to start learning a new language from scratch or perfect their already existing language skills to prepare them for the upcoming summer season. Course content may include learning about introductions, getting directions, and ordering in a restaurant, which may be just what students need before traveling abroad this summer.

Registration for the next Sprint™ closes June 2, 2022. Lingoda’s Language Sprint™ and Super Sprint begin monthly. Learn more about the Lingoda Language Sprint™ here.

Susanne Borensen
International Public Relations Manager

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Learn to speak a language with confidence before your summer trips

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