Taxis will raise the flagfall fare by HK$6

Hong Kong’s taxi services may raise the price by HK$6 in the next two years, citing rising fuel costs and shrinking business under the outbreak.

The minimum fare in city taxis in Hong Kong is currently HK$27, with green New Territories taxis costing HK$23.50 and blue Lantau taxis costing HK$22.

“It is a consensus reached by the industry to raise prices,” Ng Kwan-sing, chairman of the Taxi Dealers and Owners Association Ltd, said in a radio broadcast on Thursday.

“We are considering filing an application with the transport authority to increase the fares by HK$6,” he said, “taking into account the operating costs due to wars and inflation. , as well as a sharp drop in tourist numbers due to the outbreak.”

In addition, Ng explained, the anti-epidemic fund, a subsidy the government issued in May this year to provide taxis with HK$2 per liter of liquefied petroleum gas, will expire this month.

He added that the industry had called for a tariff increase five years ago, with an increase of HK$3 from the original prices, but the increase was only approved and put into effect in July. .

“We hope approval can be issued earlier this time,” said Chow Kwok-keung, chairman of the Hong Kong Taxi and Public Light Bus Association, noting that the industry will submit an application tomorrow to the Ministry of Transport, in which the trek is suggested to be delivered in one year or in two phases for two years.

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