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Izzy West visits Virginia Beach for the first time. She learned to catch a crab while on vacation. (Photo provided)

DAVISVILLE — Izzy West dreams of studying criminology.

“I really want to go to Ohio State University and become a criminologist and study the behavior and mindset of criminals,” she says.

West’s mother, Holly, is a therapist at St. Marys Correctional Center. West loves listening to his mother share stories.

“I kind of got a passion for it and I’m going to watch documentaries about that stuff,” she says.

After graduating, West would like to travel to different prisons and study the mindset of prisoners in person. She said she would also like to travel to different countries and learn about the different backgrounds of prisoners and their criminal histories.

Izzy West created a French potato as part of the Kanawha Elementary Olympics where students decorated potatoes to represent a country they loved. (Photo provided)

“I really like to travel, so I think it would be really cool to go to different prisons and do that,” she says.

West goes to school at Hamilton Middle and has a 3.25 GPA. His favorite subjects to study are mathematics and history. She likes to use different solutions to solve math problems and learn about past events that happened in history.

West decided to start learning Mandarin last year after talking to one of his teachers at the Boys and Girls Club of Parkersburg. She decided she wanted to do something to keep him busy. She enjoys showing others what she has learned and is eager to learn more. She plans to continue learning Mandarin through a language learning app.

West also enjoys playing football. She plays indoor soccer at the Elite Sports Center in Parkersburg and with the Vienna Recreational Soccer League. She has been playing for seven years and said she was one of the best players on her team. This year she was asked to join River Valley Soccer Club and she is excited to play with her new teammates.

West volunteers in the community at the Humane Society of Parkersburg, along with his father, Brent. In the past, she has also helped clean up trash on Avery Street in Parkersburg.

Izzy West is a Hamilton Middle School student who enjoys volunteering at the Humane Society of Parkersburg in her spare time. (Photo provided)

West even started her own small business selling bandanas and dog collars that she sewed. She learned to sew from her grandmother Lisa and to use a sewing machine from her mother. She has been sewing for two years now.

“I would print out a guide and lay the fabric over it and cut around it, then sew the pieces together,” she says.

In his spare time, West enjoys drawing flowers and smiley faces, expressing himself through hip-hop dancing, hanging out with his friends, riding his bike and crocheting with his mother. She also enjoys painting abstract art and is inspired by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh.

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Izzy West loves the sun and every opportunity she gets to swim. (Photo provided)

Izzy West enjoys playing Vienna Rec Soccer. She is a veteran of the sport and has played for the past seven years. (Photo provided)

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