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Deputy Grand Imam Mohamed El-Dweiny, Deputy Director of the British Council in Egypt Ruth Cocks and Director of Al-Azhar Institutes Salama Dawood attended the graduation ceremony.


AATAG – one of the programs offered under the Al-Azhar-British Council partnership – is a capacity building program that is offered nationwide. The program aims to develop the English skills and pedagogical knowledge of the participants in addition to improving the digital literacy of teachers working at the primary, preparatory and secondary levels of Al-Azhar Institutes.

During the graduation ceremony, the British Council and Al-Azhar announced their intention to inaugurate the Al-Azhar English language training center in Luxor this academic year to build on the success of the English language training center in Luxor. English in Cairo.

The Luxor center will be dedicated to female students of Al-Azhar Girls College in the new city of Taiba, enabling them to develop their English communication skills and allowing them to confidently engage in interfaith and intercultural dialogue with people of other origins at national level and abroad. This future English teaching center in Luxor will be run by 18 teachers who have been intensively trained and have obtained the appropriate accreditation to teach the 6,000 female students that the center will host.

During the event, Cocks said: “Today Al-Azhar and the British Council attended the graduation of 182 teacher trainers and 4,605 ​​teachers. Our Al-Azhar Teacher Training Program has provided nearly 5,000 life-changing opportunities for English teachers and the students they teach. The British Council prides itself on its English teaching and training capabilities and we are very happy to work with Al-Azhar in this area. It is one of the programs of our wider partnership with Al-Azhar – a partnership of which we are extremely proud and in which we will continue to engage in order to build links, trust and understanding between the United Kingdom and Egypt.


For his part, El-Dweiny said: “Today we gather in the Honorable Al-Azhar to celebrate and honor our sons – teachers of the English language – within the framework of Al-Azhar’s belief in the importance of foreign languages ​​and their desire to learn them. It gives me great pleasure today to see the result of this fruitful partnership between the British Council and to reap the fruits of this joint effort, which reflects the perseverance of everyone involved who dedicated their time and effort to learning, teaching, training and learning.”

The partnership between Al-Azhar and the British Council partnership began in 2007 at the request of the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar – who was then president of the university – to support Al-Azhar University in the establishment of training in English. center for students of the Faculty of Islamic Studies.

Since its inception, the partnership has evolved to involve three strands: supporting Al-Azhar’s English training center to provide quality English courses, building Al-Azhar’s capacity to support the professional development of its primary and secondary school teachers, and run a UK Masters and PhD scholarship program for Al-Azhar teachers and students in partnership with the British Embassy in Cairo.

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