The famous Thai BL series “I Told Sunset About You” on love “without borders” is now in Filipino



Scene from ‘I Told Sunset About You’

For Thai actors Putthipong “Billkin” Assaratanakul and Krit “PP” Amnuaydechkorn, love is bar none – a theme sensitively addressed and explored in their famous coming of age series, “I Told Sunset About You ( Itsay) ”.

“Personally, I believe that love has no borders. Love is feeling. If you are happy to love someone or to love something and you don’t negatively affect others, then I think that’s it, ”Billkin told the Inquirer in a recent one-on-one interview. by the Philippine video streaming platform POPTV.

“You can define yourself as whatever you are proud to be, love to be and want to be. We shouldn’t have exceptions in love,” he stressed. “Love is happiness. … without limits.”


Produced by Nadao Bangkok and Line TV, “Itsay” is a boy’s (BL) love drama that revolves around estranged childhood best friends Teh (Billkin) and Oh-aew (PP), who cross paths at a school. of Chinese language for university admissions. They haven’t spoken to each other in years, but their reunion unwittingly reveals complicated feelings that lead them to self-discovery.

The five-part series is beloved the world over and has garnered critical acclaim, who consistently rank “Itsay” as one of the best of the BL genre. Set on the picturesque island of Phuket, the series is renowned for its sleek cinematography, polished storylines, nuanced acting, and relatively subdued tone. “Love is purely an emotion, a feeling within each individual. If you like something, do it, ”added PP, who was first paired with Billkin in the 2019“ My Ambulance ”series. And while the two only played a supporting couple, their chemistry easily won the hearts of fans, who were clamoring for their own star series.

“Bravo series”

And now, Filipino fans can catch up with or relive “Itsay” in the local language on POPTV, which features a huge catalog of international content dubbed in Filipino.

“Itsay is a well-made series that Filipinos can surely connect with. We are delighted to partner with Line TV and bring it to Pinoy BL fans. We do active social listening, we follow trends and even reach out to different audience groups in order to really understand what our market wants, ”said Jackeline Chua, COO of POPTV.

The stars of the Thai BL series in the making in a light moment

The rest of our interview with Billkin (B) and PP:

Have you ever thought that your pair would grow as tall as they are now, back when you were doing “My Ambulance”?

B: At first we didn’t really think how far we could go, we just thought we had to do our best and take responsibility to make the characters come alive. And if you can do even better then do it, so that on Results Day there will be no regrets because we have done our best.

What do you think made your relationship attractive to the public?

PP: We’ve known each other for about four to five years now. It’s all about the chemistry of being best friends. When we play together, the improvisations are easier and the acting feels more real. We understand each other and can feel what we mean.

B: Alchemy is special. Sometimes the magic moment comes unexpectedly. I think that’s one of the good things that makes the couple special.

What was it like working together? And despite your natural chemistry, did you still have something to do?

B: I think it’s both. Alchemy comes naturally, but there are also things we need to work on. We have to set goals for the scenes and the characters, and figure out what they want and what they need.

It is also about communicating through the scenes. As I said above, the magic moments sometimes arrive unexpectedly, by the instinct of the actors. But sometimes you have to work behind the scenes, trying to arrange things to make the scenes perfect.

Be brave. You have to explore yourself and find new things, new feelings, and new paths.

‘Itsay’ gave you your first lead roles. Were you nervous? How did you feel about the success of the show?

B: It was unexpected to get such great feedback and to receive such amazing compliments and comments, from Thailand and around the world. Our goal was simply to give the best of ourselves. We didn’t expect to be world famous. Playing in this series also gave us the opportunity to develop our respective paths. We are grateful for that.

What do you think sets ‘Itsay’ apart from other BL series?

B: Character development and coming of age story. The characters face situations that help them become more mature, give them experiences and teach them lessons. It’s about growing up and that makes it special to us.

PP (left) and Billkin

PP: Different series have different sides and different narratives. But what makes it special is that there is less dialogue and more body gestures, movements and actions to describe what we want viewers to see. The story is also told through the ambience, occasion and atmosphere of the whole story. It’s very special to me.

What was the best part of filming in Phuket? Do you think the setting made the series better?

P: Shooting in Phuket has really been a hell of an experience. The entire production team stayed there for 1.5 months. We lived in the same hotel, hung out and spent time together. After the shoot, we traveled together. And that benefited the series, as the whole crew and cast moved in the same direction and we got a better understanding of what the goal was.

The beaches are also beautiful. The island, the ambiance, the ambiance and the tone of the place are very good. We are also happy to show cultural diversity to other people.

Why do you think the BL series, Thai BL, in particular, are becoming more and more popular?

B: I think it’s because BL is new to Thai drama society. For many years, if not decades, we’ve always been used to seeing straight couples onscreen. But today, for 5, 10 years, we have more LGBTQ + [characters] in leading roles. It’s new for us and a new experience for the public. It’s good for the audience to explore new kinds of things in dramatic society.

Do you think people are now more open to seeing BL couples on screen?

B: People are more open to BL couples on shows these days, as preferences, gender, and LGBTQ + perspectives have broadened. If the show is successful, it means people are happy and enjoying the show that features these couples.

If you think this (BL) is wrong, you probably won’t see it. It will not be successful if people think it is wrong in society. If people at this age become more satisfied with it, it means that there is good development in accepting a variety of sexual preferences. INQ

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