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The long-standing animation show, The simpsons, has an overabundance of fascinating adult characters. On several occasions, characters under the age of 3 have also been used to add even more laughter to what is already a fun spectacle. Some babies work well on their own while others team up with adults for hilarious times.

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As a member of the Simpson family, Maggie is the most popular baby in the series. However, there are a few other babies who no doubt overshadow him. What makes these babies specific is their uniqueness, general characteristics, looks, superior story arcs, and the quality of humor they add to the long series.

ten Kearney’s other son

Kerney and her son wish Santa in The Simpsons

Notorious Springfield Elementary bully Kearney Zzyzwicz – who never made it through to graduation – has a baby named simply “Kearney’s other son.” The baby turns out to be more unruly than his father.

The personality of Kearney’s other son is more of a mixture of genetics and tutelage from his father. Dad continues to encourage him to engage in the worst forms of mischief. He even calls out to her when he destroys a sandcastle that the children are building on the beach, telling him that he should have waited until they finished it before destroying it, in order to do them more harm. Kearney’s other son is also incredibly strong and muscular. He emerges as the victor by engaging in brawls with the adult Homer, a moment that makes him worthy of the most powerful characters in The simpsons.

9 Ling Bouvier

Ling Bouvier plays saxophone as she hangs out with Maggie and her mother in The Simpsons

Marge’s older sister’s daughter, Selma, is adopted in Beijing. Her adoptive mother deceives the authorities into believing that Homer is her husband so that they think the baby will be raised in a stable family.

Ling is different from other babies because she has talents that even most adults do not have. She can paint as brilliantly as any renowned artist, a trait she shows when creating a photographic portrait of her mother. She can also play instruments and act. Ling’s strange habits also provide regular comedic relief. One of the things she loves to do the most is squeeze Homer’s eyes. Since he always needs to please children, Homer never complains, no matter how uncomfortable he feels.

8 Gerald Samson

The Simpsons unibrow baby, Maggie's nemesis

Thanks to his uni-brow, Gerald earned the nicknames “The Monobrow” or “Unibrow Baby”. He was born on the same day as Maggie but due to a diaper shortage at the hospital, the only remaining one is given to Maggie. Gerald develops a rash and becomes bitter towards Maggie. He thus spends his days preparing for his revenge.

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Gerald’s uni-brow makes him a distinct and memorable character by his looks alone. And it’s even better every time he gives Marge the “death gaze.” Toddlers have a penchant for temper tantrums and silly things whenever they don’t get what they want. His adventures are so legendary that even the mayor realizes it, asking him what crime he is going to commit. One of the biggest disasters it causes is the collapse of the Springfield nuclear power plant because it was denied a donut.

7 Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson's Lightsaber

The youngest child in the Simpson family often sucks on his pacifier. His attempts to walk always end with a gentle fall to the ground. And even after 33 seasons, she still hasn’t learned how to pronounce full sentences yet.

Despite these setbacks, Maggie is quite gifted for a baby. She can play the saxophone and bowl with precision, which it took Homer 39 years to learn. His inability to speak does not prevent him from plotting. In one of Maggie Simpson’s most badass moments, she sets up a heist with other toddlers at Ayn Rand Toddler School so they can get their confiscated pacifiers back. She also has excessive amounts of energy, as evidenced by the way she once crawled through town looking for her mother.

6 Gino Underdunk Terwilliger

Sideshow Bob and his family lure the Simpsons into a trap in The Simpsons

Gino looks exactly like his father, the criminal mastermind and one of the most underrated characters in The simpsons, Sideshow Bob. He also speaks with an Italian accent, having been born in Salsiccia, Italy.

Gino’s loyalty to his father trumps the bond that another child has with his parents on the show. Along with his family, Gino always tries to harm the Simpsons. The hilarious way most attempts fail is what makes Gino and his father such intriguing characters. In the series, Gino has the honor of being the youngest character to ever be imprisoned.

5 Normal head Joe Spuckler

Normal Head Joe Spuckler Convinces His Father Cletus To Come Home In The Simpsons

Normal Head Joe Spuckler is one of the many children of Cletus Spuckler and Brandine Spuckler. The size of his head is often the source of jokes among the people of Springfield. His giant head is the result of a tick bite, which caused his head to swell to its current oversized state.

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Joe is one of the best babies in the show because he inadvertently helps other characters. Whenever Lisa and Bart try to describe how big something is, they always compare it to Joe’s head. The baby never speaks and always smiles too, oblivious to the hectic life of his parents and that makes him adorable. Oddly enough, although he cannot speak, he can sing. Cletus once states that Brandine blackmailed Joe into persuading him to go home.

4 Homer Jr.

Marge orders Homer to stop hanging out with Homer Jr in The Simpsons

When a pregnant woman named Gretchen has labor pains in an elevator, a responsible Homer helps her deliver. Impressed, Gretchen names the baby Homer Jr. The strong bond that develops between Homer and Homer Jr. after the elevator is born is not only entertaining, but leads to utter chaos.

Homer Jr. proves that he will do everything in his power to keep Homer as a surrogate parent. Eager to be the only baby Homer cares about, Homer Jr. begins plotting against Maggie. Homer’s ridiculous attempts to topple Maggie make the character stand out not only among the many baby characters on the show, but also among her supporting characters.

3 Bouncing Battle Baby

A poster of the superhero version of Maggie Bouncing Battle baby in The Simpsons

In an alternate world, Marge forces Clobber Girl and Stretch Dude to deal with Maggie, but things go wrong. They enter a cloning experiment led by Professor Frink and Maggie transforms into a superhero named Bouncing Battle Baby.

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As a hero, Bouncing Battle Baby impresses with his unique fighting skills. She also moves by jumping great distances instead of flying. Bouncing Battle Baby begins to solve cases with Clobber Girl and Stretch Dude, but she proves to be a handicap by acting like a baby during the crucial moments. On one occasion, Clobber Girl finds herself forced to change Bouncing Battle Baby’s diaper, which gives a thief a window to escape. She also begins to cry during another attempted robbery.

2 Maggie Simpson Jr.

Image showing some of Maggie Simpsons Jr's best moments in The Simpsons

In one of the best future episodes on The simpsons, Maggie has an adorable daughter named Maggie Simpson Jr. She looks exactly like her mother and is said to have been born on Christmas Eve. Maggie Simpson Jr doesn’t get any solid story arc, but he does serve a specific purpose. Her presence is meant to show just how much of a responsible mother Maggie has become. Of all the babies in the series, Maggie Simpson Jr appears to be the calmest as she rarely cries and appears to be turned on by everything she sees. As a result, her mother Maggie leads a very peaceful life and is described as an excellent mother, just like Marge.

1 Rubella scabies spuckler

Image showing some of Rubella Scabies Spuckler's best moments in The Simpsons

Another child of Cletus and Brandine, Rubella is first abandoned by her parents. Homer finds her when he opens a bag of sugar to find Rubella inside. Because of her parents’ actions, Rubella hates them but gets along well with everyone.

Rubella is a memorable baby because she shows how Homer can be a good parent. She once again restores babies’ tendency to want to be taken care of by Homer because they see him as a better father, even though questions have been raised about his parenting skills. Besides her attachment to Homer, Rubella has grown-up tastes. She has been seen watching classic thrillers and listening to jazz.

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