The taxi meter system has been modified for the benefit of operators



23 Sep 2021 | 6:29 AM HIST

The taxi meter system has been modified for the benefit of operators

Total cost of the digital meter to be reimbursed in one installment to taxi owners when installing the device

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PANJIM: Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho said on Wednesday that the full cost of the digital meter, 11,234 rupees, would be credited directly to the account of taxi owners immediately after their vehicle was fitted with a digital meter.

“They (taxi owners) will only have to fill out a form after they repair the meter and submit the documents to the Ministry of Transport,” Godinho said.

On the other hand, the state government has issued a notification amending the program “Reimbursement of the cost of digital meter 2021 by public transport in the state of Goa” for this purpose.

In accordance with the amended scheme, the total amount of Rs 11,234 will be refunded directly to the individual’s account in one lump sum after the meters are installed and the application is submitted along with the documents from the Ministry of Transport.

Taxi owners should first repair digital meters at their own expense and then the amount will be refunded to them, Godinho said.

The Minister of Transport further clarified that taxi owners, who have already been sanctioned with the first payment of Rs 4,290, in accordance with the scheme but before the amendment, will also be reimbursed the balance of Rs 6,944.

On Tuesday, taxi operators alleged the government was cheating on them over providing them with free digital meters.

All Goa Private Bus Owners’ Association General Secretary Sudip Tamhankar said that although Chief Minister Dr Pramod Sawant announced that digital meters would be provided free of charge, agencies / suppliers were refusing to install counters for free on the grounds that there was no official communication from the government.

Tamhankar said taxi operators are determined to hold a padyatra in the coastal areas of North Goa District from October 2. printer, vehicle tracking device and emergency system. He demanded that the government be clear about installing digital meters for taxis.


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