The world comes to Gulfport through the international fair

GULFPORT, Mississippi (WLOX) – The world came to Gulfport on Friday.

This is the second year of the Gulfport School District International Festival and the first time that Bayou View has hosted it. And it’s organized by the foreign language students of Gulfport High Schools.

“I think what we have achieved together has manifested itself beautifully today,” said student coordinator Zechariah Boykin-Dedeaux. “And, I’m excited.”

GHS student Zicuria Watkins prepared to perform a traditional Mandarin dance.

“I love children. I love working with children, ”she said. “I just like to show them that they are different cultures. You know, it’s easy to learn.

And easy to love.

“I love the way you discover different places you’ve never been to before,” said BVE student Dallas Gillum. “And it’s interesting how you can try different things. You can do different things.

“I like to visit all countries and I like to have the passport stamped,” said student Jack Lawrence.

To add to the experience, Culinary Arts students at Gulfport High prepared 6,500 food sample cups so students could literally taste cultures from around the world.

And, of course, international travel needs proper guides.

“The Gulfport School District gave us flight attendant outfits because kids travel all over the world,” said PTA President Alina Goldin. “So we have a few flight attendants here who are sort of leading the way. “

Yanglin Gong is the event coordinator.

“I hope that our primary school students will discover foreign languages ​​from an early age to get to know different cultures, know the difference, learn to respect and put into practice what they have learned in their real life”, a- she declared.

And they are.

“Even though people are different, they can come together,” student Jiyah White said. “And cultures are very important to everyone.”

Student Kanden Kelley agreed.

“It helps me because when I see immigrants coming to school, I can learn more about their culture instead of just judging them by their appearance or the way they speak,” he said.

More than 10 countries were represented at the event.

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