Two historic Italian newspapers in Egypt to be digitized – Culture


CAIRO – Italian Ambassador to Egypt Giampaolo Cantini, during his last public event as Ambassador, announced the start of a “project to digitize two historical newspapers published by the Italian community in Egypt between 1895 and 1940 “.

Cantini’s comments came at an event Sunday at the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo to showcase three cultural initiatives from the Italian Embassy.

The two newspapers that will be digitized are “L’Imparziale” and “Giornale d’Oriente”.

“This is a collection made up of 181 volumes which will be fully scanned and digitized, and will be available for consultation online,” Cantini said, calling it “one of a kind cultural heritage relating to a crucial period for the history of modernity Egypt “.

Cantini said the newspapers provide “very meaningful accounts of Italy’s contribution to the development of the country’s institutions and civil society”.

The newspapers were published in Cairo and Alexandria, said Wafaa El Beih, coordinator of the project, which was carried out with the Italian Institute of Culture in Cairo.

“The most important Italian daily, and the one with the longest life, is ‘L’Imparziale’, which was founded in 1892,” said El Beih, professor at Helwan University.

“Then in 1930 it merged with the ‘Messaggero Egiziano di Alessandria’ taking the name ‘Giornale d’Oriente’, which remained in publication until 1940,” she said.

She said the newspaper “gave ample space to news from Cairo and Alexandria, news from ministries, courts and the stock exchange.”

The project aims to provide “global access” to the collections, removing barriers of geographic distance and economic or political conditions, she said.

Cantini said the work was made possible “by the generous contribution of Alexbank”, the Egyptian-controlled branch of the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group.

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