Two people arrested after AMT taxi was found set on fire in Badalona



Two people arrested after an AMT taxi was found set on fire in Badalona. image: diariotasta

TWO MEN were arrested by the Mossos de Esquadra on suspicion of setting fire to an AMT taxi found set on fire in Badalona on August 10

Mossos d’Esquadra agents identified and arrested two men suspected of being responsible for the fire in an AMT taxi found set on fire in the Catalan town of Badalona on August 10.

A conflict has been going on for several months between taxi drivers who decided to download the Uber and Free now apps to get more customers, and those who think these platforms are hurting the industry, and it hit its boiling point on August 10 when an Uber taxi was discovered burned and painted in a street of Badalona.

On September 15, two people were arrested at their homes by officers of the Police de la Generalitat, who also took the testimony of a third person who is still under investigation for threats and coercion to the against an AMT taxi driver who offered his services through one of these online sites. transport companies.

Those arrested are a 53-year-old man and a 32-year-old man of Spanish and Pakistani nationality, arrested in Badalona and L’Hospitalet de Llobregat respectively.

After the AMT approved the use of the transport apps, there were incidents involving taxi drivers opposed to these platforms, and the man whose taxi was burned had indeed filed a complaint with the police for being threatened and coerced while on his way to find clients.

In some complaints, it was reported that the opposing taxi drivers were trying to convince the customer not to get into the AMT taxi, and if they did not get out they were yelled at, threatened, and the vehicle and the driver were recorded. with their mobile phones, in particular their license number, since they are AMT taxis, and this information is subsequently shared on social networks with the aim of pointing fingers and coercing these workers.

The two detainees were placed at the disposal of the Badalona Investigating Court No. 1 on September 16, where they were released by a judge, but were charged, as reported.


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